Tooth Removal and Teeth Extraction in Fountain Valley CA

  • Place pressure on the gauze pad over the extraction site for one hour. If bleeding continues, replace the gauze and press for another 45 minutes.
  • Remember to supervise children who have had an extraction to make sure that they don’t bite their numb tongue or lips and cause serious injury.
  • On the day of your extraction, avoid eating or drinking anything hot. Also avoid rinsing your mouth and using a straw for drinking. Do not drink carbonated beverages or spit. In addition, do not brush your teeth on the day of the surgery; however, you can gently brush and floss the day after.
  • Some swelling, pain, and/or bruising around the lips is not uncommon, especially after impacted wisdom teeth have been removed. Apply an ice bag and take your medication as prescribed to reduce discomfort.
  • Take medication as prescribed and instructed.
  • The first two or three days following the surgery, eat soft foods and liquids, such as soup, yogurt, juice, and milk shakes.
  • More complex surgeries, including extraction of impacted wisdom teeth or implant surgeries, will require wearing an ice wrap for the rest of the day, until you go to bed. Wear this ice wrap for ten minutes at a time, with five minutes in between. The dentist will give you personalized instructions on how to care for your oral health at your appointment.
  • If you experience excessive bleeding, swelling, or severe pain, or if you have any questions, please call our office. In case of serious emergencies, dial 911.