Dental Crowns in Fountain Valley CA

  • When the temporary restoration is placed, you may experience some soreness, sensitivity, and/or discomfort. This will subside when we place your permanent crown or bridge.
  • If anesthesia is used, do not chew with your teeth until the numbness has gone away.
  • A temporary restoration is usually made of soft metal or a plastic-based material. It could break if placed under too much pressure. If the temporary comes off, please save it and contact our office as soon as possible. We place the temporary restorations to protect the tooth as well as to prevent other teeth from shifting in the mouth. It needs to be replaced if it comes off. By avoiding foods that are sticky or hard (such as chewing gum or ice) and chewing on the opposite side of the treatment, you can avoid losing the temporary restoration.
  • Once the permanent restoration is in place, you may notice some slight pressure for a few days. Your bite may also feel different for a few days. However, if your bite feels uneven at all or if discomfort when chewing on the tooth persists for several days, please call our office immediately. If you delay making the necessary adjustments, the tooth could be permanently damaged.
  • Remember to continue brushing normally, but floss very carefully around the temporary restorations (move the floss gently from the side).
  • If you are suffering from any pain, or should you have any questions, please contact Fountain Valley Dental Esthetics.